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provide better support for sites that require cookies.

i get a "content cannot be displayed because you must have cookies activated", on some websites.

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Hi, thank you for adding some feedback!

We were not aware of any sites displaying this. An example sites is very useful because an example will help in making a first step to trouble shooting.

Could anyone provide us with an example?

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  • Yohan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    First, I'd like to thank you for this wonderful service, this is really amazing !

    I want to try to use it using cookies (because I want to convert to PDF a page from a forum where you first have to login), so I have my cookie.txt file that I use with wget like this :

    wget -m -k --load-cookies export.txt websiteurl

    And it works really well, but if I'm using your service with :

    #wget -O opentracker.pdf "pdfmyurl.com?url=websiteurl&--header-center=hello" --load-cookies export.txt

    It's not working.

    I suppose it's because you're using you're own wget or something and it doesn't take into account my export.txt
    So I've found on your website this :

    --cookie <name> <value> Set an additional cookie (repeatable)
    --cookie-jar <path> Read and write cookies from and to the supplied cookie jar file
    So I've tried :

    wget -O opentracker.pdf "pdfmyurl.com?url=websiteurl&--header-center=hello&--cookie __utma 252755870.1663632006.1298395454.1298395454.1298395454.1&--cookie __utmb 252755870.7.10.1298395454&--cookie __utmb 252755870&--cookie __utmz 252755870.1298395454.1.1.utmcsr=(direct)|utmccn=(direct)|utmcmd=(none)" etc...

    But it's still not working :(

    And I couldn't find anywhere what is the cookie jar you're talking about,

    Can you help me or show me an example of a wget using your service and cookie ?

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